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JAY B aka JEFF BAKER, born in Kingston Jamaica, and founder of BakerWorld record label moved to the UK at an early age now based in Oslo Norway.


Involves himself constantly in bringing house, dance, funk, disco, afro beat, hip-hop, regga,& r&b music to the party people, which takes DJ dedication to the people and moves the crowd not only in his homeland but also abroad.

 Jay B played at some of the top  venues in and around the UK such as 10 Rooms as some of you r&b fans know so well and has played extensively in and around Europe, Japan & Australia. He performed at the EUROPEAN MUSIC CONVENTION AMSTERDAM which was a big success story and is currently producing music for his BakerWorld Music Label. Check out his Saturday Night Live mix shows on

every Saturday 10 C.E.T

He is truly a talented known DJ/Producer in the entertainment world.

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